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Natwest You B*stards!
Anime Friends - Dia 17/07/2011

I have not received any money for near on 4 weeks now. So I am expected to go to my local branch to get money… Just out of interest, where do I get the money to get to the bank? ? ? Because it sure as fuck isn’t in my bank account!

Then the one time I come into the branch an get money, being told my money should show in a few days, my balance is overdrawn and the money I do receive just pays that off -_- are you seeing the problem here?

Obviously, I have unlimited time and patience to drag my 4 month old around while I try to get my own money. That’s normal of course. I mean, why should it be easy to withdraw your money. It’s only yours. And it’s not like I’m ill or anything. Don’t worry about the green mucus you see me blowing from my nose – its perfectly healthy.

It’s only money right. Not like I need it to get by or anything. Oh no. Not like I’m spending my last £3 to get to and from the bank. Nope. Not at all.

Customer satisfaction? 100% satisfied. That you have fucked up royally. That will be all.

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RBS and NatWest

2011-11-06 21:13:23 by 58andfixed

5 November 2011
RBS and NatWest customers hit by maintenance glitch
RBS and NatWest customers have been unable to check accounts online because of problems caused by maintenance work, the Royal Bank of Scotland has said.
Problems arose after the maintenance work went wrong and meant account balances were not updated overnight.
Some accounts have not been c...ref="/PhoneNumberNatwest/natwest-credit-card-payment-phone-number" title="Natwest credit card payment phone number">card payment systems are operational and the majority of our customers are using these as normal.
"There have been problems affecting online and telephone banking but we have a good understanding of the issues and are making good progress with our recovery plans.

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NatWest personal banking | Online banking

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NatWest Common questions

You use this at step 1 of login process to online banking. Back to top. I have two DBID numbers for my NatWest/RBS accounts, can I register them both?

NatWest Online Banking Safety

Online Banking Safety. Stay Safe Online with these 3 Simple Steps. Step 1: Protect your computer · Step 2: Keep your identity secure · Step 3: Stay safe.

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