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Angry NatWest and RBS customers vow to vote with their feet
Blocked SIM Card Data Recovery Expired sim card data recovery ... Angry customers are switching bank accounts in their droves, following the IT problems at the RBS group and the scandal surrounding Barclays’ interest rate manipulation. The Co-operative Bank, one of the few unsullied by the latest scandal, has seen a 25% increase in online applications week on week.
A poll on the Guardian Money website that started on Friday is asking readers whether they are fed up enough with their bank to switch accounts. By the time of going to press it had a “yes” response from 77% of the nearly 2, 000 who had voted.
Who can blame them? Many at Natwest, RBS and Ulster Bank are suffering another weekend without money, as the problems at the group mean customers are still without access to their bank accounts. Barclays, meanwhile, has been caught up in the double scandal of Libor manipulation and the mis-selling of financial products to small businesses.
Comments on the internet and elsewhere suggest customers of the high street banks are increasingly looking for alternatives that focus on customer service and face-to-face banking.

Source: Claims Advisory Group Blog

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RBS and NatWest

2011-11-06 21:13:23 by 58andfixed

5 November 2011
RBS and NatWest customers hit by maintenance glitch
RBS and NatWest customers have been unable to check accounts online because of problems caused by maintenance work, the Royal Bank of Scotland has said.
Problems arose after the maintenance work went wrong and meant account balances were not updated overnight.
Some accounts have not been c...ref="/PhoneNumberNatwest/natwest-credit-card-payment-phone-number" title="Natwest credit card payment phone number">card payment systems are operational and the majority of our customers are using these as normal.
"There have been problems affecting online and telephone banking but we have a good understanding of the issues and are making good progress with our recovery plans.

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What phone number do I ring for problems using my UK Natwest debit card abroad? - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers

What phone number do I ring for problems using my UK Natwest debit card abroad? Im having problems using my UK natwest maestro debit card in sydney,.

Where is the issue number on the natwest adapt card? - Yahoo! Answers

Add Contact · Block. Best Answer - Chosen by Voters. The issue number, or the phone number of the issuing bank, should be on the back of the card.

NatWest banker sorry for chaos - Yahoo! News UK

NatWest will open branches this weekend after technical problems.
Additionally, for no known reason my debt card was blocked at a cash point a week ago.

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  • Avatar ...... Charged for a standing order which I cancelled?
    Jul 31, 2010 by ...... | Posted in Personal Finance

    I set up a standing order and cancelled it online on natwest.com as I now have online banking, i cancelled it a few days before it was due to come out, it said it had been cancelled. I had 7p in my bank and they have now …t in natwest with just a normal debit card dont you have to agree to an overdraft? or when you become classed as an adult do you go overdrawn by standing orders when you dont have an overdraft? and how do I resolve this?

    • The bank will honor any standing orders or direct debits providing you have a good credit rating by allowing you to go overdrawn without there being a pre agreed overdraft facility on your account. The pain in this is tha …and have signed the form to give permission of payment they can take the money whether you cancel it with your bank or not. You have to cancel it with the company and most won't as you would be in breach of your contract.